Scuba diving in Tobago is a brilliant experience. Framed by the Orinoco River, southern Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Tobago’s waters contain a striking abundance of sea life.

Diving draws many visitors to Tobago and Speyside is the island’s diving mecca. Premier sites like Angel Reef, Black Jack Hole, Kelleston Drain, Coral Gardens and Japanese Gardens lie just offshore. You can dive in a shallow reef or deep water, witnessing small and large sea creatures in their natural habitat. Home to the world’s largest brain coral, sharks, sea turtles and exotic tropical fish, although the biggest attraction is the magnificent manta ray, with an average 2—4m (8—12ft) wingspan. Tobago’s underwater paradise is a must-see for diving enthusiasts.  Scuba diving in Tobago is growing in popularity, attracting increasing numbers of adventurers from Europe and North America each year.

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London Bridge

An awesome eroded arch when conditions are good only. It’s not for the faint-hearted since it’s only 8 metres deep and 4 metres wide with huge surf, but well worth the effort since there are turtles, green morays and huge parrotfish living in the zone. The wall around the island is totally pristine with amazing colours & a vibrant fish life. Everything from large schools of tuna to nudibranchs.


Shark Banks

A coral bommie just breaking the waterline with a depth of 40(plus) meters and a phenomenal wall drop-off. All Aquatic species congregate here to hunt. It’s an awesome spot with couloirs, narrow gullies, swim-through and an abundance of larger pelagic.



Sister's Rocks

Known locally for the large schools of scalloped and great hammerhead sharks, these 5 rocks are more than worthy of 2 dives – the outer edges being darker, more wild and more dramatic with sheer walls and larger marine critters whilst the inner sites are prettier with less current, more colors and usually smaller species. Leatherback turtles have been spotted here too! Sister’s Rocks offers great drift dives for the adventurous divers. With a range of  15-27 meters this site is home to large nurse sharks, black tip reef sharks, and manta rays.



MV Maverick 

This amazing wreck dive is intact and upright with lush growth and prolific marine life such as eagle rays and cobia. 



Diver's Thirst/Diver's Dream 

With a range of  15-27 metres this site is home to large nurse sharks, black tip reef sharks, and manta rays.



Keleston Drain

Depths of 40 -100 feet boasting  gigantic brain coral and moray eels, barracuda and large reef sharks.


It’s so hard for us to recommend just a few dive sites.

You ideally need a week diving just to touch the surface since we are truly blessed at this end of Tobago with average visibility at 25 metres and the choice of the 2 oceans. Night dives with the annual coral spawning are a real high point.

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Be sure to choose a reputable diving tour operator to help organize your lessons and trip. Alternatively, a local company belonging to Tobago’s Association of Dive Operators will outfit your adventure and teach you the ropes to make your experience unforgettable.

When it comes to diving, we are really spoilt in Tobago. Come see for yourself! 


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